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Dungeon Master Screen - Draconic Lore


This game master screen is a must have for any DM, not only does it create a functional barrier between you and the players so you can have all your notes and miniatures hidden for when you need them in game, it also sets the mood for your campaign.

This DM screen is designed to look like a book on draconic lore when folded, so in between games you can put it on your bookshelf as an amazing piece of decoration.

Key Features:
- Handcrafted
- 100% Genuine leather
- 1 of a kind
- Folds up to look like a spellbook

This GM screen is a one of a kind item, so there won't ever be a second one like it, get it now before it's gone!

- Due to differences in monitors, colours of products may appear differently to those shown on the site.

- Please be aware that leather is a natural product from animal hides. Every hide is different and variations in the texture of the leather may appear. These variations are not a defect, but something that makes the product unique.

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