Premium Candle


This handmade candle is the perfect gift! Not only is the candle a great way to bring a lovely scent to your house. But once the candle is burned out you can remove the leather band from the container and wear it as a bracelet.

The Ocean Depths candle brings the beach to you, so if you enjoy long walks on the beach this is the candle for you.
The Mystic Flower candle has a rich and floral aroma, so if you enjoy flowery aromas with a hint of mystery this is the candle for you.
The Morning Mist candle has a fresh and calming scent, so if you enjoy a clean and calming atmosphere this is the candle for you.

Key Features:
- Handcrafted
- Soy wax blend
- 3 scents available
- Burn time approximately 20 hours

To adjust the size of the bracelet simply twist the stud like a screw to remove it and replace in a different hole, then trim the excess with a sharp knife.

- Due to differences in monitors, colours of products may appear differently to those shown on the site.

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