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Premium Candle - Ocean Depths


This handmade candle is the perfect gift! Not only is the candle a great way to bring a lovely scent to your house. But once the candle is burned out you can remove the leather band from the container and wear it as a bracelet.

The Ocean Depths candle brings the beach to you, so if you enjoy long walks on the beach, this is the candle for you. The wax has been dyed blue to match the ocean theme.

Key Features:
- Handcrafted
- Includes handmade leather bracelet
- Soy wax blend
- Ocean Depths scent
- Burn time approximately 20 hours

To adjust the size of the bracelet simply twist the stud like a screw to remove it and replace in a different hole, then trim the excess with a sharp knife.

- Due to differences in monitors, colours of products may appear differently to those shown on the site.

- Please be aware that leather is a natural product made from animal hides. Every hide is different and variations in the texture of the leather may appear.

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